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Here are a few pictures from the Botanic Gardens

So I just finished my second day in the classroom and the kids are great! I think their accents make them even cuter. Yesterday we went to the Auckland Botanic Gardens which were so pretty. Luckily we did not get any rain because the weather changes so fast here! It will rain for 10 minutes and be sunny again.. Springtime in Auckland! The kids had such a good time on the trip, I think they liked riding the buses the best though. We rode a big public transportation bus that the kids called "bendies" because they had the soft connector in between two buses. By the end of that trip I was so tired but I have done a pretty good job of keeping on the same schedule and my jet lag has not been too bad. I have passed out at like 8 30 each night, which has given me the most sleep I have had all year!

The year 1 kids ( kindergarten) are so smart. They seem much farther ahead than my kids from back home. They have also been in school for 150 days compared to our 40. These kids are writing complete sentences and their handwriting is far beyond any of the kids I worked with at home. It is so cool to be able to see the similarities and differences with kids in the same class all the way around the world.

This weekend we have a holiday on Monday so we have a long weekend. Hopefully it will be nice and we can bungee off the harbor bridge and the sky tower. Ill let you know how that goes :) My family is so nice and are planning on taking me around on Sunday to see some differnt places. We are also going out for drinks with a few other people on Friday... oh and I may have met my husband, an English soccer player ( not sure what his name is ) but hell be at the school every Wednesday to teach soccer. sooo who knows haha

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