Goodbye Rogers...

This semester has been amazing and I can't believe that this is my last week with my class.
I have been teaching in the kindergarten class at Rogers Elementary with Melissa Lund. I showed up on August 10th and was welcomed with open arms into the Rogers community. I could not have asked for a better mentor teacher. Mrs Lund is an amazing teacher who loves what she does! I have never had to much fun! We get along so well and I know she will be a part of my life forever.
I have never had to much fun! We have done some really cool things this semester. We started with abc's, then moved into shapes, colors, apples and now we are doing fall and pumpkins. I also put together a farm unit where the students explored different animals and learned what lived on a farm. Sometimes it is easy to forget what kids do not know.
Kindergarten is special because there is no set curriculum so you can be as creative as you want, which has been perfect for me. I even brought Christina as my show and tell one day!

I cannot wait to take what I have learned from my time at Rogers to New Zealand with me. I am so lucky to have the same grade in both countries because I will be able to compare the two different teaching and learning styles. It has been amazing 10 weeks and I can't wait for the next 10!

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