Other Side of the World

So... I have arrived in New Zealand. I landed this morning at 8:30( Sunday) which is 4pm on Saturday in the states. The flight was pretty uneventful. I luckly took off at midnight from LA so I was able to sleep most of the 12 hour flight( thanks to the ambien). Right as we were landing in NZ there was a beautiful rainbow out the window, good luck I guess.
I was greeted by my host family and one of the their daughters Sara at the airport. Their other daughter Katie works for Red Bull so she was out promoting! The family is so sweet! We have been all over today... to the mall to get an international sims card for the cell phone they have given me, to the grocery, up to my school( 2 min walk up the street) and now we are making dinner. It is 6 10 pm and im startin to crash but im staying awake so I can try to get over this jetlag pretty quick. I met my teacher Lynn as well and she walked me up to the school for a little bit.Some kids where there practicing for the talent show on the 31st. I am going on a field trip to the botanical gardens tomorrow in Auckland... what a great first day to teach.
I gave my family some gifts... milk duds and take 5's were a hit. I knew I should have brought more candy hah.. and my host dad LOVES country music... willie nelson and johnny cash have been playing all day... could it be more perfect? I'll have to get my parent to bring some more when they come. Sarah.. their daughter.. is going to Australia this weekend for the long weekend so I am going to explore Auckland with two other girls teaching in this area.. should be fun. Who knows maybe ill do a bridge jump or two :)


  1. I'm so glad you made it there safely! NZ looks beautiful. I just talked to mom, she says hi. I love you!

  2. HI Caitlin! I am looking forward to hearing all about your teaching experience in NZ.
    Love, Aunt Julie